How To Start A Free Blog ?

Blogging has become increasingly popular since couple years ago. This is an undeniable fact. Based on the statistics and survey made, I discovered that almost half of those online in Asia have a blog. I believe blog content to be as trustworthy as traditional media. You can use blog as a means to maintain and build own social connections.

Why pay more? Now you can start to create your own Free Blog at Do you like to blog? If yes, feel free to try it. However, the most important thing is to make sure that do not copy other people content and paste to your blog. This is because people like to read something that is fresh enough and interesting facts that are gathered from you personally.

For me, the main reasons why I have started weblogging is to share my knowledge in whatever I have got a passion for; read and comment on quality blogs so that I can continue getting involved in the conversations.

Furthermore, i also believe that once you meet like minded people, the possibilities of your journey in life being connected are endless. When you have a blog, you will notice that you are constantly look out for article ideas. Thus, this is a great skill to develop.

7 thoughts on “How To Start A Free Blog ?”

  1. Blogspot is a good free blogging platform. It’s good for both newbies and advanced users. But if you want a more professional blog, get a wordpress and buy your own domain. This is most true for probloggers and those who want to earn decent income from their blogs. 🙂

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  3. Blogging is another way of making you money on the net. Having you own blog now is very easy and you can create one with no HTML experience needed. You can do all these for free with no money costs.

    This is a great way of exploring your thoughts and post it for others to read.

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