Island Red Café Investment Plan

Have you heard Island Red Cafe, like Old Town style restaurant? It is multi level marketing which recruiting more members to join then can get commission. You need to invest RM6000 then can enjoy 5% fixed guarantee return each month without recruiting any members. For me, it sounds like a pyramid scheme.


Why I Don’t Dare To Invest?

I took dinner with one of my friend at there last time, food is not very good, services also very bad, and there have a lot of market competition already, plus they do not have something special about their franchise. So, common sense, if food not tasty, for sure business will be affected, so will they still able to pay 5% as fixed guarantee return?

Good Payout Is Not Equal To Company Making Huge Profit

If you are the investor of Island Red Café Business and have received your money successfully then please do not feel so happy and spread the news to others. This is because the money could be come from the new investors. When there is less new investor and more money need to be paid out monthly, the founders will make a report and give an excuse for closing shop and run away.

Island Red Cafe Franchise Business:

Let me summarize the information with you:

1. Whenever the region accumulated 50 slots investment, an Island Red Café branch will be opened. 1 slot = RM6000. The investor will be the shareholder.

2. Shareholder’s benefits:

=> Fixed return RM300/slot each month (5% of the investment) for 1st and 2nd year. So, total that you will get is RM7200.

=> Fixed return RM150/slot each month (2.5% of the investment) for 3rd, 4th & 5th. So, total that you get is RM 5400

=> RM100/slot food voucher will be given every month & will be given for total 5 years which equivalent to RM6000.

=> VIP member discount 15%

=> Birthday discount 30%

Sum up the fixed return & food voucher; the return is equal to RM18600, which is around triple of your investment return.

After 5 years, no more fixed return but the company will distribute 49% of the net profit to share among all the shareholders.

My personal advice: Nowadays, these kinds of businessmen know to come out many creative ideas to getting funds from public to fund their own business indirectly. This is because they know that intelligent people refuse to put into bank FD since the interest is quite low. Anything happened, they’re neither the employee nor shareholder of the company. So, have you considered carefully?

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  1. Avoid like a plague..

    “When something sounds too good, it is mostly a scam” -> A rule of thumb.

    I heard of this concept before.

    The major point is that, if the service is so bad, food bad, how do you expect the shop to stay opened for at least 5 years?!

    I prefer to invest in stocks, properties, or options trading. At least i know what i am dealing with.


  2. Anyway, this is something creative that they can come out with.

    Talking about red cafe business in Penang, they seems doing pretty well.

    As for the food, I don’t think that is very bad – it is normal.

    About anything special about red cafe is the free internet services with PC.

    Whether we should invest or not, I personally won’t go for it. But I wonder how many people out there actually invest in it? Just curious…

  3. The concept of this system is accumulate $ from people and generate more outlet. Base on the article calculation, RM6K can generate rm186K after 5 years. It’s ~62% per annual, do you believe it?
    FD is ~2.5% pa, public mutual ~6-10%, EPF ~5%, …..?

  4. Thanks for the info. Didn’t know there is another money making scheme out there. 1 slot = RM6000.00. 50 slots to open a shop? that’s a lot of money. There will take the 49 slots and invest in other investment first and make their fortune until they get the last slots filled up. Who knows when will the last slots will be filled? Only they know while they are laughing their way to the banks.

  5. It sounds like guessing and asuming….., I am from Taiwan,and I am also an investor of Island Red Cafe. They are doing pretty good. I visited some IRC stores. Their food is tasted,service is good.
    And they are trying very hard to doing better. It’s a good company with lots of potentials.
    I am glad that I meet this great opportunity to promote IRC business. Honestly this article to me seems made from a competitors or someone who envies.

  6. I don’t know why people simply invest their money toward this type of program. I already advice my friends about this program some of them call me “black heart”. So, let sit and see until when this program will goes on.

  7. An easy test: If you take away the “business scheme”, will people still eat at Island Red Cafes?

    In my opinion, NO! Why? Because the FOOD (which is the MOST IMPORTANT THING if you are talking about a restaurant business) is not that good! Honestly! :o) And with so many competition sprouting up like mushrooms after a shower, I seriously doubt IRC outlets can last very much longer.

    But a diehard IRC member told me, “But look at the big crowds in our cafes!”

    My reply was simply, “Yeah, look at the big crowds. You know why there are big crowds? Because people like you are giving FREE MAKAN to every tom, dick and harry in town! Especially in Msia, if free makan, sure will go la!”

    The IRC bosses are very smart! They use other people’s money to bring in the sales! Every month, my friend is “forced” to spend his RM300 vouchers.

    I asked my friend, “Honestly, if you didnt invest in this thing, will you eat at IRC 2-3 times a week, every friggin week, for the next 5 years?”

    He didnt answer, he just smiled nervously at me.

    My grandma, if she was alive, would call people like my friend, “GONG KIA!”.

    My Singapore buddy would call these people, “TAI SOR HAI!”

    I would still call them, “My friend” and pray they will not be hurt by such schemes. :o)

  8. Taking deposit from public is against the law – BAFIA(banking and financial institutions act) 1989 unless they are licensed by Bank Negara. This is definitely a scam. Don’t believe, call up or write to Bank Negara PERSONALLY and find it out YOURSELF. Make sure you get the REAL BNM tel no or email address.

  9. When you talk of investments there is definately a risk. If u invest in stocks, unit trust,cepat kaya schemes there is risk but good returns. If you were to deposit 50k in Bank Negara Bond u received RM 2500 in interest/divident per year.But if u were to invest with a mere RM6k in Islandredcafe received RM3600 per year. Now imagine the difference. Investors must be brave and smart. Now I m enjoying the fruits of my joining the IRC. I have collected almost 12 months of my returns not forgetting the food voucher my family enjoy.If RM6k is too risky, u can join in as a member for RM360. U can enjoy a lot of benefits. Email me if u interested. TQ

  10. I’ve been introduced to my friend last nite.

    The food was so-so la. Thus, the waiter wrongly put my order! So service was like 2 star only.

    But they managed to invite the crowd by promoting the schemes.
    See…if u go there just to eat, u’ll not come again. But if u went there to make a business, then it’s good.

    However, I beleive the “briliiant” is the founder. He/She managed to have fund raiser to open another branches!!

  11. steven tea garden and this IRC is multilevel marketing, and it is based on binary system.

    simple, they gave you a license to go get member.

    if the shop closed, this is a scam.

    if the shop survived until 5years later, this is a successful way of collecting fund and make everyone rich.

    nothing is 100%. if you wan 100% rich and safe way, get a rich dad, everything is guarantee and it is not a scam 🙂

  12. from my opinion, this thing is safe although it looks like a ponzi scheme, but i’ve never seen a company combined MLM and restaurant.
    Island RED Cafe is here to stay. 🙂

  13. Latest Update: My friend who invested RM6,000 in IRC is cursing and swearing now, after 2 months only! Why?

    Because his wife is cursing him and his children thinks their daddy is a cheapskate loser. Why?

    Because my friend brings/forces his family to eat at IRC at least 1-2 times a week, every week for the past 2 months since he join the “great wonderful money making business”.

    Just to use up all his “free food vouchers”, he tried so hard to “belanja” his friends but… for FREE also his friends wont go because the food at IRC sucks so bad! They tell him, “Aiya, never mind la. We go other restaurant la, I belanja you. This IRC food lousy la!”

    Scam or not, I dont know, unless I dig into the details. But definitely not a smart person’s choice of business investment.

  14. i had tried IRC branch at sunway mentari .this really make me feel shock…onli 4 waiter n waitress,
    major are foreign labor.
    they are so dumb ,dumb until i really surrender n speechless.i want to pay my bill,n the foreign labor said ok,after that he seems like ignore anythings from my request,jz head down onli..i wait for 10 minutes onli they come n collect $$$,wat the hell of service is that?
    before the bill.i also ordered so – called maggi me..n ur guys guess need wait for how long?the answer u all cant believable..WAIT 30MINUTES long..i jz dunno y..n the food are until speechless…

  15. it jus look like a multi-lvl marketing..but more like a scam…
    to be a least u got right to noe something…what is the company clause..did u enter an agreement with them?
    did ur name inside CCM of malaysia…this is the basic requirement for a private or public company that should long the company oledi incorporate? do they got annual general meeting and sending all the annual report to all shareholders? shareholder got the rights to noe this…

  16. i been go to almost every branch of island red cafe of the malaysia
    1st branch hv everything and with gd service, most choice of food, and other
    kepong branch use to training new stuff
    all new worker will send to other branch to training
    now penang branch been improve if compare to 1month ago
    some more Island Red Cafe is coming with hotel and car wash service
    for more details pls send me a mail to check out with me

  17. may be u should try kota damansara branch, their service is good, price reasonable, food is nice, especially “Lobak”.. ^.^ u should try~

  18. if every 1 there sound smart how o judge ppl here and there . u must be poor minded ppl .cos they always thought their life was safe and secure..why don;t you come out a biz system that can make everybody to have a better life ,, if you cannot , just be humble and shut up.. it was not easy to start up a biz and get ppl to invest.. if you cannot make it ,, keep work like a cow under your boss

  19. I don’t know about other branches, but SP’s IRC is quite good. Yeah, they do make mistakes such as bringing my prawn noodle without the prawn, but once I notified the waiter he hurriedly took my bowl and give me the prawns.. I love the food, and so does my family. I’m not an invester yet but considering doing so. Food industry is a lucrative industry, and people eat all the time, especially in Malaysia..

  20. For those who miss the 5%/month return on investment should not regrad. Now you can join in as a member for only RM360. You receive many benefits:
    1. Immediately u receive RM300 food vouchers.
    2. Free internet account to view all your tranctions.Is an expensive programme.
    3. 15% discount on food paid with cash.
    4. 30% discount on food on your birthday.
    5. If interested in increasing your income bring 1 member u get RM15,2 members u get RM30 and 1 pair u are entitle to receive RM90,altogether u received RM120.
    So dont worry u r not an investor you r merely a member.
    Remember investing in stocks, unit trust, properties can also be a scam but there are legal and liscence investments.Have u ever lost money in the stock market or unit trust?Some counters suspended or disappear completely from the List! Therefore all investments have RISK! Is up to u to decide.

  21. Is is true that IRC collects RM6900 to become a shareholder. Now they dont need any shareholders fund.When u start a business u need capital. From where u can get the capital? Either borrow from banks or from shareholders fund.Borrowing from bank charges high interest and many procedures to follow.Troublesome. So the best option is getting fund from shareholders to build up the business. Success depends on good mangement and human resources.

  22. I’ve already in IRC since year. But, I’m interested to sell off the shares. Is there any channels that I can go to enable me to sell off my shares?

  23. my freind in penang ask me to join him as a member lastnite…. He started join in Feb 2009 till now he collected almost RM120000.oo
    Damn…But yes he worked hard enuf.. He took a leave without salary 4 month juz to make money on this MLM biz…

  24. Mr.Me Can you ask your friends to contact me instead? because i am doing landbanking service I need someone like him ^^ honestly I can let you or him earn more if you are intrested on my landbanking plan.. please contact me at 012-2441163 for further detail

  25. Danny if you can find any potential investor for me, each investor invest 1 plot will pay you RM510 company will pay you on the 7th exactly, please kindly call me at 012-2441163 if you are intrested and get further info from me…

  26. Yeah, you are right. I also don’t even see where the actual money come from. Like u did mention, you get paid but i totally agree with this ..
    Why I Don’t Dare To Invest?

    I took dinner with one of my friend at there last time, food is not very good, services also very bad, and there have a lot of market competition already, plus they do not have something special about their franchise. So, common sense, if food not tasty, for sure business will be affected, so will they still able to pay 5% as fixed guarantee return?

    Good Payout Is Not Equal To Company Making Huge Profit

    If you are the investor of Island Red Café Business and have received your money successfully then please do not feel so happy and spread the news to others. This is because the money could be come from the new investors. When there is less new investor and more money need to be paid out monthly, the founders will make a report and give an excuse for closing shop and run away.

    But yet still a lot of ppl out there didn’t even use their mind to calculate and think about this…that’s y the slogan “Makan Pun Dapat Duit” that’s the key they attract ppl. Wake up for those that investing…think for a second and be more alert…

  27. Have not heard of this cafe b4? I strongly believe it must be a big time scam. But as they use to say … “suckers are born everyday”


  29. Last night, I’ve been to IRC branch at Bandar PERDA B.Mertajam.The food is nice…the service is quite snappy..the waiter and waitress is friendly too.Then, there is this guy moving from table to table explainning the marketing plan.Ok..i guess if you’re ‘kaki makan luar’.With only RM360( Plan A-you’ll get RM300 voucher makan.They call it 1 Star. There’re until 15 Star..joining for membership RM4950 with mak voucher makan worth RM4500). They also have this Plan B and C.So..if you’re really kaki makan and you’re IRC fanatic..join! Tell your wife- no need to cook and go ahead belanja your friends…at least you’re doing some charity.. ok..ok Back to Plan A – you’ll have to sponser 2 people (L&R).And they must do what you had done.If everything goes well..until 15 pairs you’ll get RM22680..WOW!ONCE you hit this jackpot..both leg ( L&R ) will be FLUSH.Please remember that this a MLM scheme. So..usually in a MLM you need to maintain your ‘sales’ for each month. The MLM system only works if each member in the group do their job – that is keep sponsering people and maintain their ‘sales’. The problem is much money do you need to maintain each month? How long do you need to get the 15 pairs? Do your downline have that capicity of doing so? IF you’re willing to work hard..this system might be suitable for you. IF you’ just what i am.. join only as a sleeping partner..just forget it.The makan voucher is not that important ..I get bored eating at the same do my children.

  30. Secret of Making Money in IRC Business

    It is proven that this business is legitimate and works, I found many ppl are aware and joined the business when I joined.

    And I also found out that it doesnt guarantee u making the money as been preached, there is one simple way to make big money, that is to follow someone, a leader who knows the tricks of the trade.

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  31. Don’t worry,be happy. The upgrading system has finished. So every withdrawal will be deposited into the bank account. 1st of the month is the processing date and it takes 14 working days to complete. Go to the bank and update your account. I hope you will be laughing not crying to the bank. TQ

  32. Hi Danny,Its just like Steven Tea Garden. No payment since July’09. It is confirmed a SCAM. They trying to run away because they (IRC n Steven’s Tea Garden) collected million of Ringgit. If I were them (IRC n STG) I will also run away lol. You all must go and report to Local Authorities. Freeze their bank a/c…..and get back all your money. Act FAST..!!!!

  33. pay rm360 but can get back rm300 e-voucher for food is ok for me, cos even scam oso rm60 only, by the way we still have the change to make profit.
    yest nite wit fren go to putrajaya having dinner at IRC, the food is ok n d price for me is reasonable. even compare wit other restaurant oso not expensive cos me alway wit fren eat or drink at other shop oso…

  34. KEVIN…may b u r right..but for those ppl , stuck rm6900….how? wait n wait? the boss they are all happy at karaoke n huging a china gal?

  35. THIS IS A SCAM!!!

    I really make a mistake by invest my money into this. Until now i still have total 6 pending withdrawal. Call and emails to all provided contact detail but all no respond. Call the fews idiots in their wedsite number also never pickup the phone. This is my advice to all of you, stay away from this IRC. I can provide you all the prove about how much they never pay my investment.

  36. Hi Danny,

    Few of people of my group plan to take legal action/complaint to the Local Authorities. Maybe we can discuss further and see what we can do and how. If you’re interested to bring this scam down.. join us..

  37. Jam737, yeah..i’m interested. if you all decided take any legal action or complaints together, do let me know. i have pending withdrawals since feb09. damn it.. i wanted to sell off my shares, yt i dunno which channels can i go to..

  38. Danny,jam737 n Chuby,
    You all should go report to govn dept (e.g Bank Negara or SC-go to their web site). I hv a fren invested in Steven’s Tea Garden n did not receive payment since July’09. And I will be helping him ti lodge report soon. Because it is a SCAM.Otherwise, why do they IRC n STG stopped payment? STG announced suspend payment till 31st October’09 due to credit card fraud. Who believe ? Credit card fraud… nothing to do with payment to members..! Go and teach them(STG n IRC)a lesson.

  39. hey all,

    Look like we are not alone now. I try to contact them thru phone, sms or email all no respond. I believe we still have alot member which face the same problems like us. Danny n Chuby, i think we need to collect all the member detail from your side. If you know any lawyer friends, please ask them to thru the agreement that we sign before. See anything that we can take legal action againt them.

    STG faked,
    Yes, maybe you can share with us here what is the procedure and which is the best channel to file a complaint. I think The Star also report this few month back.

  40. Danny,jam 737, Chuby
    If u guys are serious , pls bring along all the documents and go to meet IRC Hq ,pls stop spread all the rumour here and there . shame on you .. act fast to get back your money. no bullshit like u know we hate to see u guys writing -ve stuff here.. world will be beautiful if every1 have positive thought .
    pls pls go to consumer right, police station. council . do it as you think u r right…

  41. game: if u want the document n the n ban slip…haha my fren n i do have all…we print out n still with,,,just want give irc a chance to….so? u really want 24 of us go ur hq? if so we can…promise…shame on u too….

  42. frankly speaking , i am not IRC member or staff, i just find out all of u were slow pace ppl. really shame 24 of u .. why u want to give irc a chance ,, cos u still believe them will return your investment ,,they is a hope if this company growth well,, do u compalain the Bursa Manalysia stock company if the price went down and are u going to spread the news about the company will close down, very childish and all of u just want to tie up quick rich scheme. have u promote the company that u had invested to others .. u all better don’t do any investment .. shame and no biz minded.danny and fren if u think u r strong enough , just go …ahead hope to hear u win the case and get back your investment .. we love to know how you gain a lot money over here… just share what have u done..good luck , act fast

  43. Actually all the -ve thing about IRC is created by IRC’s ex-management headed by Teddy Teow.This guy graps and ran away about 13 millions cash from the company and now The new management has lodge a police report to charge him as CBT.althought IRC facing financial difficulties now but still reschedule to pay back all investor’s capital.

  44. Now IRC’s new management also take control of F&B quality and reduce cost of food,widrawal,etc.all will be in place soon.Now IRC only doing membership programme and no more investment(6900 share holder package stopped at FEB 09)I do IRC since NOV 08 and i only sell member card which is min rm360 per entry.I m doing well and many of my down line earning five figure income and they enjoy their bonus.

  45. game,

    This is a open forum and we all is here for sharing what we experience. We admnit that we make the wrong decision, but we do have a right here to speak it out. shame on you to have narrow minded!! One more thing, who don’t want to get rich and have a financial freedom? R u? Since your are so good about the business mind, do you mind to share and give some helpful opinion? We hope you can provide some helpful information rather than keep saying about our complaint here. If u cant give any, please just ignore our feedback!!

  46. glad to see u had the fighting spirit,jam , i had shareed the opinion
    early, act fast and stop bullshit . may be u didn’t notice my idea given to u all

  47. Game, we r no slow pace ppl, we r just sharing our thoughts together before taking any action.. you! if u hv nth to do here, give way!!!

    danny and jam737, yesterday i saw the announcement on IRC website, now, they r nt paying us the ewallet at rm300 p.m n evoucher rm100 p.m., instead it’s evoucher rm300 p.m.

    jam737, is your email?

  48. Hi guys,
    So sorry to hear all the sad stories. Frankly speaking, Steven’s Tea Garden is using the same technique as IRC’s. Steven’s Tea Garden’s Directors also collected MILLIONS of Ringgit. As I can see, they are also planing to run away…
    It’s matter of time, now or later…….!!! They have shut down all Hotspots outlets and all STG will follow AND lastly STEVEN’S CORNER..!!!

  49. yes, is my email. I was in KL last week and i miss 1 meeting with some of the shareholder on weekend. Will update u guys here and see what happen. Look like all of us that invest in IRC prepare for the worst…

  50. actually what i try to do is collect all our members which have the same problems and discuss there. I also will try to get some latest news and update to each other. I think is not really a good idea for us to expose what we plan to do in open forum like this and some visitor here may also don’t like it.

  51. Hi,

    I went for the share holder meeting last night and sad to see still lots of people out there become the victims. We need to work together and bring them down. Pls don’t sign any documents from them.
    Pls send me your email, contact detail. I will keep you update thru email. Pls keep all the documents or any prove with you from now onward. Cheers.

  52. We able to trace where is he hiding now. It is about the money, he pick the wrong man i would say. Just matter of time he will never see the light for the next day. With more than 9 mil he run away, he can leave it for his children and wife as bullet will run over his head.

  53. I received an sms saying that Mr. Teddy Teow invited all shareholders for a meeting. Its important!
    Date:04/10/2009,Time:8.00PM,Venue:Hainan Cafe behind IRC Pandan 2. Hope that all will be present. TQ

  54. Hey guys,
    There is a clause stated, if IRC goes bankrupt they have to sell all their assets and pay back the shareholders. If not wrong IRC still own 13 outlets, factory, 3 & more Mercedes Benz, Offices, etc.
    We have only heard one side of the story. Y not all come out to hear the ex management out

    Its our sweat and blood.

  55. Why need to meet at other cafe? Why not IRC? No matter how, to any1 that plan to attend this meeting, please don’t sign any document provided by them. Once you sign it, they will shut your mouth. They will tie you up and we can’t bring this issues to higher authorities.

  56. haizzz guys,

    It was a bad innvestment, i believe they also dun want it to happen, but sometimes things are beyond control.

    i joined late but luckily i joined under a strong leader who know the bosses of both IRC n STG personally (sorry, i cant disclose his identity here) and i get to know the insider stories of what was really happened.

    I wud say… they are in deep shit now, personally i even got thousands of e-trader & food points inside, thats little comparing to my uplines’ more than 30K points

    General reasons for their failures (both STG & IRC) is wrong move, yes, wrong strategy, Teddy’s case is another episode.

    Luckily there is a new opportunity coming along from my uplines, a well established F&B group who has 15 years experience and strong foundation in the industry

    The Station Kopitiam group who has bought over Mr.Teppanyaki, Shabu Shabu, Leo Cafe, Western Delights n many more, there are abt 90 outlets operating in business nationwide.

    They dun need to collect fund to expand like STG n IRC, the existing outlets has been established for many years.

    Many leaders in IRC, STG, Donut Empire and Boston are coming over, if u r thinking of recovering back of what u had lost in previous investment, this may be a second chance worth trying.

    In IRC & STG, top ppl are making hundred K or even millions, and now u got the chance to be on top of hierachy too n make the money u ever wanted.

    Pls see more info at or the marketing PLAN in my website

    or contact me personally so that i can intro u the great leaders im working with now, they had made the big money, joining them wud put u in a better position n greater chance of success!


    012-3389 703

  57. I totally agreed with Kingstone.. I think the best thing is to let BULLET run thru’ their heads. I meant The Heads of Steven’s Tea Gardens’ Directors. I swear to GOD they can get away so easily.. Our hard earned money to support their living..??? NO WAY. They will get it…. REVENGE..!!!

  58. the best is not to involve in all this fukcing investment. all fucking marketing plans are for the benefits of their companies & leaders. If you have lost and you involved in this another time, you’re a double fucking idiot.

  59. To STG: There is a clause 7 under shareholders agreement stated that:”Further, should the Business be wound-up either voluntarily or upon a Court Order, the proceeds from the sale and/or disposal of the Licensor and the Licensee’s assets upon being realized,shall be distributed to Shareholders who have not received their first twenty (20) monthly payments,and thence to be followed by the other Shareholders, again in the proportion to the lots held, and shall be treated as if the Shareholders were secured creditors.” Not all Shareholders have this agreement and the Advocates & Solicitors are:Messrs. David Kok & Partners Advocates & Solicitors Registered Trademark N0. 33-1, Jalan USJ 10/1F, Taipan Triangle 47620 UEP Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Eshan. Tel. No 0377288869/0356361868 .

  60. Nancy, u r right..!!! Finished them off…!!! For IRC and STG investors we must be united and fight them all the way. Don’t let them get out of the hook easily. Let us arrange for a meeting to discuss further. It is okay to mention the date and venue at this open forum so that, all the DOGS(Management Teams) from IRC and STG able to listen and see what we are capable of. We are not STUPID. Or let the BULLET do the talking………if this is what they are looking forward to…. Once again, finish them off….!!

  61. Hi,

    I think STG and IRC member here need to work together. Pls anyone volunteer for STG part and i will handle IRC part. Pls collect all your members that face this problems. We may need to discuss and share the statergy for both. IRC Penang is ready, how about anyone from IRC KL or STG Penang/KL?

  62. It is very sad to hear all the bad news about IRC. I would like to share some news I heard recently. IRC headquarters no longer supplying food stock to its franchisee, and they never pay back the e-voucher balance. Therefore many outlets which are owned by franchisee are not able to accept e-voucher anymore. Very sad.

  63. If anyone(STG/IRC) is ready… Please let us know here. I am ready to handle STG(KL)case’s. Jam737 will handle IRC (PG) right ?
    MAYBE, STG and IRC can sit together….????? More heads is better than 1 head. What is your opinion Jam737 ??? We have to act fast…get something back is better than get nothing.

  64. Yes, now im collect all IRC’s members detail. Wait for next meeting to discuss on the progress and plan. Will keep you update.

  65. IRC is giving up Malaysian market, they are focusing on Thailand n Indonesia

    STG had been trying to link to ‘us’ so that members can used up their e-voucher. Luckily the management never accept

  66. the best is not to involve in all this fukcing investment. all fucking marketing plans are for the benefits of their companies & leaders. If you have lost and you involved in this another time, you’re a double fucking idiot.


    Those who invested in Investment Plan are ppl who r greedy for the lucrative return, i NEVER put thousands of ringgit into ppl’s pocket, however i like the Marketing Plan, where my money is converted to E-voucher and i can Eat & Earn.

    Be Wise next time !

  67. Latest update on SK:

    Leo’s Cafe in Plaze OUG has just ‘plugged in’ to the membership system yesterday. Leo’s Cafe in SS2 coming soon

    Members can enjoy 50% Discount, see

    These are establised outlets, they dun collect fund from public to open branches like STG & IRC.

    Statistic shows 80% of new business startups would FAIL, thats why i never wanna invest in STG & IRC

  68. Hi alex, you seemed to hv handful of info. Any update of STG. They had changed name to Semangat Teknologi Gagah sdn bhd recently. Will they be able to escape by doing so ?????

  69. By November if STG still don’t pay our ads fees then we will report to police (and BNM) that STG is a SCAM investment scheme. Police and BNM will be able to trace STG bank transactions. We want to see where the money gone to ????? Directors’ link company ??? Directors’ pockets ???? Uncompleted projects but payment being paid ????? And more CBT…..!!!!

  70. i don hv any comments abt d stg, they got nothing to do after the meetting yesterday….finally just wait for the 1st november only.

  71. Hi Gona getget,
    What do un mean by ‘they got noyhing to do after the meeting yday’ ??? u mean STG Resources Sdn Bhd gonna to wash their hands ??? They can’t run AWAY so easily..!!!
    Black and/or White will get them (STG Bosses) sooner or later if they don’t pay up by Nov’09.

  72. STG loses money, the money collected in the investment plan had spent on outlets rennovations n heavy rental, sumore they have to pay the ROI….

    they are trying to find new investor, they asking for RM 8 millions… siapa mau.. haizz

    now that the Steven Bros telling the 3 guys to kao dim the mess…

    haizz… it’s wrong move, if they do like IRC, 1 big outlet like now can open 10 hotspots… at least they can generate some cash and collect Franchise fees like what IRC did…

    no experience in business, sekali mau buat big big… sure fail da… pity them! millionaire dream broken, but nevermind, still can come up again, i had gone thru that b4..

  73. u guys try this Station Kopitiam lar… sure make money, there is no investment plan here

    u join RM 275, u get RM 1000 value of Food point and u can make RM 12,000 a month…

    here, 1 leg also make money, i got ppl joining everyday and im placing the ppl down..

    SK js started, u wud be at the top of the hierachy, all pioneers in MLM made money, dun lose the opportunity

  74. Hi alex, you seemed to hv handful of info. Any update of STG. They had changed name to Semangat Teknologi Gagah sdn bhd recently. Will they be able to escape by doing so ?????


    STG Faked,

    even they cant escape, but they dun have money to pay u back…. how?

    they were not trying to scam, like i said, they burned money, i remembered last time they saying STG got 30 years in mamak business…

    haizz… they copied IRC, but didnt follow IRC opening small outlets and collect Franchise fees… if not, STG shud be doing well…

  75. you are rite alex. Can I hv more info pertaining to Kopitiom??? I would not comment STG anymore. It is wasting my time because I don’t get any feedback from STG members. I think they(investors) are not interested to get back their money or rather they are not educated enough to operate computer to gain knowledge thru’ internet. STG is dumb and STG member is dumber. Sorry having said that…!!!!

  76. STG won’t be able to get new members..!!! Because the management is suck..!!! STG management never being nice to their members. STG management treat their members like rubbish….!!!! Members are not allowed to give suggestion at all.!
    This is STG 1st weakness. If they don’t change their attitude towards members then STG will never come up again….!!!! Don’t they realized that member is the most important creature.

  77. STG faked,

    it depends of type of opportunity u looking for, in SK, there is no Investment Plan, the fixed % return is a heavy burden, if IRC is not getting the money from Thailand, they wud had been collapsed oredi.

    In SK, there is only member-get-member plan, unlike STG & IRC, members paying 50% cash, 50% food point, this is very smart strategy,the marketing leaders were formerly in STG & IRC, they know the in & out and weaknesses of both companies.

    SK outlets are established and operating, with extra 50% cash from members, they wud only grow stronger n healthier.

    U come personally i can intro u the leader, whom also know ur leaders too and u can ask any specific question at him

    contact me at 012-338 9703, lets meet up over a cup of coffee 🙂

  78. The owner of SK seeing STG n IRC, without any outlet, can build 130K members….

    he has got 90+ existing outlets, Station Kopitiam 40 outlets, Leo’s Cafe, Mr. Teppanyaki, Shabu Shabu, Thai Fusion, Roti Shop, Western Delight etc etc, he is in better position to run the membership program, with solid foundation and 15 years of experience, some shops are their own properties.

    Now many ex STG & IRC leaders are coming to SK, this is the RIGHT timing, becos SK js started the program this October and many experience leaders are here.

    The best part is the Plan, Lower Entry level, only RM 275 with 10% Matching Bonus and Franchise Bonus (out found in STG & IRC), in Franchise bonus, one leg also make money, u earn RM 1.50/Lot per person within 20 Levels, even if u dun recruit anyone, when the upline placing ppl down and it keeps growing, u r getting paid !

  79. Hopefully it works. Otherwise the STG ‘Big Snakes’, Gunalan and Michael Ng will eat Bullet. I really meant it…!!!! I already prepared for the worst….!!!!
    If they don’t pay out then they have to vanish from this WORLD..!!

  80. If I can spent Ten of Thonsands of Ringgit to join STG member..!! What is another few thousands just to FINISH them off….!!!! Take my words….!!!!

  81. Dear Friends,

    Now Station Kopitiam is looking for business partner ,just start on 1st october 2009, Just Pay RM275 can get back RM1000. and also can earning more RM20000 per month .. If interesting please contatc 016-2335280 – ivan

  82. STG Faked

    i know someone who earned 900K at IRC, his account has been ‘chopped’, i guess his monthly income at IRC is no less than 40K, but he is terminated now after he joined Station Kopitiam, he knew the risk of being terminated, still he is crossing over, cos he can make 10 times more on the new opportunity.

    While waiting for the outcome at STG, when dont u come and find out how much u could possibilly make over here to cover your loss at STG, I believe this guy can share with you more.

  83. Alex,
    Sure I will definately meet u. I just want to see what is the solution on early November 2009. If STG still give grandfather stories then I will take action myself. As I said earlier…..I will cut their throats (Gunalan and Michael Ng). LUBANG CACING PUN SAYA BOLEH CARI DIA ORANG…..!!!! If they don’t pay…I can never let them go…!!!
    I swear to GOD..!!!

  84. STG faked,

    may be u try like the guy who went to see IRC’s boss and demand back his 500k investment

    he was a bodyguard of 1 VIP, he got muscles, may be u can find someone like him n give him 30%

  85. Hi Alex,
    I won’t go and scare STG but I will just FINISH them (Gunalan and Michael) off….!!!!! If 2 of them vanish in this world then only I satisfied..!!!

  86. As I did mentioned earlier, why making police report..!!! I would just finish them off if they don’t pay by November 2009. Wish good luck to Gunalan and Michael Ng…!!

  87. my leader is called jacky 012-2345656. i still waiting the latest solution from stg. but i heard there is new plan come out like KFC, MCD, watson, giant, tesco pizza one, my fren is joinning this n there is over 100 outlets in malaysia. SK is similiar like boston, they also got such pay out and 50% cash and 50%points, so far already got certain outlets. anyone interested can contact jacky, tq

  88. hi!there’s pro and cons.anyhow…what happen now…the malaysia insider reported about IRC…seem not good???pls, like mr carefull say…

  89. obviously, 5% monthly return is very very high.

    a company without track record, (even STG is STG itself, not “Steven Corner”)

    how they make money, they start from scratch, Even a listed company has show the past record, i dunno why ppl dare to put in their hard earn money js like that.

    i joined IRC, RM360 n get back RM300 in food point, that wud be OK

  90. I think the 3 big fishes r involve in the scam. Looks like they plan Ex-management and Existing Management. The X-management siphoned the money from the Shareholders. The existing management becomes a good Samaritan to rescue the beleaguered shareholders. The 2 Directors said the X-management taken away 22 million and now is about 9 million.Are they telling the truth? ALL of them are from Penang. I think its a well plan Scam. Now the present management is involve in the Star Marketing Plan and wash their hands and not their fault. What say you?

  91. Well said Nancy. Let BULLETS do the talking…..FINISH them (IRC n STG Directors) off is the only way. Let them enjoy their luxury in the HELL >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  92. how to say so? any info for that DSG company right? i heard that they are selling voucher RM 360 to get RM 400 value of KFC, MCD, giant n so, then where do u get this info? i know their boss related to that plan of IOI MALL…


  94. INfo for all DSG investors. The Company breach the agreement signed between the investors and the Company Directors. If the autorities were to investigate now, many would-be-investors will be save in this SCAM. If u dont believe,plse check it out.

  95. STG has no money now, while IRC, now PG RED Cafe still got money, they collecting tons of money from oversea market, act fast b4 they run away….

  96. I agree with this article…. But I also like the idea of mlm n restaurant…. it is good way of making money… put money take money…. But IRC also must think bout their customers comin to eat… Good food N good service are essential…. IRC sucks at that… take it advice… GOOD FOOD , GOOD SERVICE ensure long sustaining BIG MONEY TO COME IN….

  97. Anyone from STG ?? Please response as soon as possible. I intend to report to police and Bank Negara very soon. Because there is no news from STG which they (STG) promised to announce 1st November 2009. But they (STG) failed to do so. We shouldn’t let them (STG) to drag longer. Those are from STG…. please work hand in hand. TQ

  98. to beyond, means u still agree with the concept right? i think should be good concept also without investment plan. For stg, i would like to find the goverment ppl to help tonite at pj damansara. i met the M (current person incharge), he said hv to wait 1 more month again, wait ppl take over the stg outlet n company as i know is easy pharmax, if they sell the outlet to ppl, all the members also cant claim the money easily as M mention. they will take 20% profits to gv back to stg members. As insider mention, they don hv money but who know? then how abt the staff?
    so any from stg pls put ur contact here n keep in touch…tq

  99. Sunny, TQ 4 ur input. I have decided to make police report and as well as Bank Negara next week. Enough is enough….!!!! No more nonsense…!!!! And also they (STG) can’t get away easily. I will do everything to get them…!!!!

  100. hi mr sunny,
    i do no much about this cafe…. what i meant the idea is good… the implementation wise tats depends…. to run restaurants, u need big bucks n not easy to get loan from bank… BUT tat doesn mean this ppl can fool ppl around… if soethin mess goin on, somethin need to be done…

  101. yea right, so that y stg should not leave a reason & reason again ya…. even i know some ppl in irc and stg already more than a MiLLIONS

  102. try log in to, there is no more irc, it’s PG RED Cafe now…

    sigh, looks like they ‘push’ everything to the ‘ex-management’.

    sound like ur investment ‘tong guo shui’

    basically there are 2 types of plan

    1) investment plan
    2) Member-Get-member

    investment plan, u earn the 5% monthly return, u dun need to work to earn money

    member-get-member, u get back ur money in food voucher, n you earn when doing recruitment

    it is the Investment Plan that causing problem, the authority is investigating, but how much confident u have with it?

  103. i js met an irc member who invested 30k, he made first withdrawal of abt 3k, at sep, but he still hasnt got a single cent!!

    what the heck, irc has changed name to PG RED Cafe

    they said ex management bla bla… now that this guy invested in present management!! but he is not getting his bonus…


  104. oh?!i tut STG said they will pay the members back the money on Nov…Still havent got back the money???Actually i also believe they does not have money d…They always say when the new investor comes in,everything will recover but… haiz…

  105. hello..few months back i’ve registered to be an irc member at the kuantan IRC cafe..a week after that, i wanna quit but the guy that promote me this thing refuse to return back my money..i havent use the card till now n the amount is still RM300..i want my money can i get my money back?i no more interested in this investment or money plan thing…HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!

  106. stg members organise a protest rally at midvalley stg.make a police report and get a permit for the rally to pass a memorandum to the stg management.then express your grouses via press conference.emulate hindraf

  107. @#$%^&

    2 days ago, i went to irc office demanding my withdrawal on Sep, only RM 400+, knows what?

    they said have to wait till Feb 2010, wtf, i joined the present management, not the ex management as they mentioned, how come i can get my money?

    this is cheating!

    i told the frontdesk, i wanna break the company cars screen outside if no one entertained me, then only they contact acc dept ppl…. diu, i think irc members shud call up the press n protest infront of their office

  108. Pls guys, if wana invest pls invest to proper company, if wana do then do the right company, anyone wana invest the money pls invest to takaful (maybank) and become d agent also, u invest 1 lot 1200 to get 1 account and ask your friend to invest, u will get RM 300 agent fees, everyone pls contact me sunny 016-3333187, choosen more important than hardwork,tq

  109. Another IRC outlet closed in Rasah Jaya, Seremban. There goes your hard earned money.Those who joined are thinking pigs can fly.

  110. who u joinning for? which group?
    if you wana take the point to register i got it here, u can take it cheaper from me. what package u join??

  111. i work for investment company. i cant tell this is a scame or not but i cant tell the pay out is too high , company might not be able to support this pay out roll .

  112. any one from the legal fraternity reading this thread? is selling “ownership” in a company to the public legal? dont u need some sort of prospectus, register with CCM etc? If not legal, then got a feeling the initiator of this IRC thing will attract attention from the authorities and kena teruk teruk. i think thats when the whole thing will go bust. someone please advise.

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