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Malaysia Car Plate Number Pricing

The Vehicle Registration Plate Number is the thing for every new car buyer mind after selecting the model and color. Are you fancy owning a personalized car number plate? Vehicle owners may able to buy a range of numbers such as 1 to 9999.


These are the price for those who desire to choose their favourite number as their car plate number:

RM210 - These are the current running numbers made available. You can refer to the JPJ website for the current running number. Let say the current running number is 7303, then you can choose the available numbers starting with 7xxxx and 8xxxx.

car plate number

RM310 - You can preselect any advance number (if available). For example, if the current running number is 3303. You can select any numbers available beyond the 3 series up to 9999 (within the current alphabet, let say PJL) but you can’t jump the next alphabet, PJM.

Those single digit number also known as Golden Number and it can fetch as high as RM100,000! The number plate 1 in Kuala Lumpur goes for between RM10k to RM100k while the same number in Malacca would go for RM35k to RM45k. So, we can see that the value of number plates different from state to state. The digit 1 is always the highest priced number in any state, followed by the digits 2, 3 and 8. Those high price numbers double digit numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44, 88, and 99 can go as high as RM5k to RM15k.

Over the years, some other numbers have been highly sought after because they resemble names to become likeable words. Among them are DAV 10 (David), MAN 15 (Manis), DR 6161 (Dr Gigi) and DU 17 (Duit).

Basically most single, double and some triple digits will run into 4 figures at least. So, have you think your car plate number?

102 Responses to “Malaysia Car Plate Number Pricing”

  1. John Says:

    very interesting post. I didn’t know people can be so creative with car plat numbers

  2. rosa Says:

    i’ve seen a MAF 14 (Mafia) and RA 2 (Ratu) on the road, kewl eh?!

  3. Rama Says:

    i have a fancy number for my wifes car ending in 1717
    is it posssible that i sell the number to anyone who is interested

  4. Tan Says:

    BABI ( BAB 1 ) is my favourite…

  5. Travis Says:

    Wow… this is extremely what i need to find out… hmmh… now i know how it works…

  6. nik Says:

    I want the number plate MUL 154 or MUH 1154.

  7. martin Says:

    just 1 to ask got any number was WKY 520 if got can u plz reply me asap thx…my email is

  8. sweetilicious Says:

    is that any plate number was WEN 710??

  9. afat Says:

    if anyone sell this number. PM me
    NAT 4514 and TAS 514. tq

  10. ajoi Says:

    my plate no for sale : W_E 86. interested?

  11. sham Says:

    phone me ASAP..

  12. Hardi Says:

    7D90Q interested anyone RM35K…

  13. Hardi Says:

    CALL ME IF INTERESTED 7D90Q 014-5801367 (Located at Sibu Sarawak)

  14. ajoi Says:

    WFE 86 -interested?
    just call 0192136262

  15. Tokeyplate Says:

    nice plate number for sale.
    please visit

  16. jayjay Says:

    I’m looking for number WSJ969 or WSJ69. Call me 010-2588949

  17. saiful babe Says:

    I want sale my number plate JP1331 (Jaksa Pendamai 1+3+3+1=8).Price is RM 18,800.00(nego).Urgent sale…

  18. saiful babe Says:

    call me 0192889228 saiful

  19. mr chu Says:

    SAA 70C sesiapa minat sms saya dulu 0168176510

  20. Mohd Jailanee Says:

    I am looking for the plate number JAI 69 , please call/sms me 017-8707269

  21. toro Says:

    anybody looking for registration number “WEW 98″ come with yamaha ego…please call at this number 013-3944844. Price negotiable…

  22. syed Says:

    for those have memorial event on 1st may 2006, get on plate number MAY 106… CTT 0136970718

  23. noor azmi Says:

    Hi….looking for a Kris Wong, or Kris Wee, or Kris Wan, etc etc. I have plate number WKR15 for sale…

  24. ajoi Says:

    WFE86 – 5k 0192136262

  25. saiful Says:

    I looking for 88, any idea what is the cheapest price.. for this number

  26. Tokeyplate Says:

    i ada WVA88-RM23,800 WVE88-RM24,800 WVF88-RM23,500. plz sms me at 017-5624226

  27. wendy Says:

    hi i have plate number for sale:BJV9999
    any one interested ,pls email

    price between 10000-15000

  28. Hong Says:

    I am looking for this car plate number JKL 0922. pls contact me on 016-7889105

  29. wawa Says:

    looking for NB 23 or ACU 22…send mail to me

  30. nicmond Says:

    just got my new no NCN1414. but got abit angry honda yong meng UDA sale gal. coz during booking double comfirm is NCN141 then payment make ready n went during colletion car it become NCN1414 n she say some1 else take already. WTHell it suppose to let us know 1st but she did not. wat a stupid sale gal.

  31. Reuben Says:

    Hi guys, i am selling my number plate “TAF5″ for RM35000, if interested please call me at 012-7495220

  32. DL Says:

    Hi there, I’ve have a very special car number “BHH 7979″ price between RM7K-9K…if interested pls. drop me SMS at 016-3119376.

  33. Mohd.Anim Bin Suleiman Says:

    Hai ! Owner of JPJ Melaka Vehicle Registration Plate Number MAS 22 . Please SMS to me at 017-7538336 if you wish to sell this number to anyone interested for some reason or another.Tq

  34. Calvin Says:

    May I know Who Is The Owner of MAX 123? If you wish to sell you number plate, pls kindly contact me , Calvin at 0176658500. Thank you

  35. Dave Says:

    My car plate is 2 digit. How can I go about selling this number plate? Advise is appreciated.

  36. WAN Says:


  37. MH Says:

    i am selling my plate no WGW 777 by Oct 2011. RM12,000.

    SMS 0162901894

  38. soul Says:

    im selling my number plate JBH 75 ..price between 15k to 20k…can call me at 017-3905236 tq..

  39. ajoi Says:

    WFE 86 still available – 5k with modenas kriss

  40. Lim T H Says:

    Looking for number XXXIDB11 or XXXIDB123.
    Kindly contact 0164082008

  41. Keith Says:

    im looking or waiting for KTH 14,
    any agents in kedah, pls call me at 012 3263821

  42. irvy Says:

    WAC 32 for sale rm 6.5k

  43. ANIS Says:


    I’m looking for WRK 15 or AN 15. Also looking any plat no 4, 11 & 111.

    Mr Noor Azmi (wkr 15), pls call me 019-9898984.


  44. Andrew Sia Says:

    Any BP number plate for sale, please call me…Thx…

  45. balraj Says:

    email :

  46. KM Says:

    looking for KM

    any numbers will do, prefer something like 1923, 1984, smth

    call me 012-2371923

  47. John Says:

    Looking for number 1001. Any state is OK.

  48. Sukri Abdullah Says:

    I am looking nice plate license number registered in Miri. Contact me at

  49. halim Says:

    I have no plate DAW 33,anybody interested can sms me about the the selling price.019 3327817

  50. Jason Says:

    I looking for number plate, JAY500 , anyone can help me? If yes, please send email to me ; / sms to 01-4242 6868

  51. Vehicle Reg.No.Plate MAS 22 Says:

    To Whom It May Concern .

    Please Quote Your Asking Price on Number Plate No: MAS 22 for my considerations.
    My OFFER is RM3,000-00 for the Number. Thank you .

  52. joe Says:

    Im looking for AF 121..anyone?email me at

  53. Barry sim Says:

    I looking for M1331 Plate?Pls send me email thank

  54. Jason Says:

    Hi all, I still looking for JAY500, anyone can help? Please email to me / sms to 01-4242 6868


  55. SK7 Says:

    looking fr plat number PP77 / SR77…anyone?

  56. ft27 Says:

    looking for penang plate number PJL5393. best offer sms 0124584277

  57. TT Says:

    Want to sell CCY 93 . 7k

  58. addy number Says: looking plat number PR98,PQ23,WF60 pls call me or email me at H/P 0164300036.

  59. Beng Says:

    i nak cari number plate AHT 1???
    kalau Ada taliphone saya terima kasih

  60. Parveena Says:

    Anyone selling DR14 number plate???? Or any other nice numbers with alphabets DR??? Plz contact me 0176898874…. Thanx

  61. eng Says:

    Anyone selling DAV 1007, Or any other nice numbers with alphabets DAV 1xxx,pls email me at

  62. eng Says:

    sorry better is DAV 10xx number

  63. balraj Says:

    Managed to sell my number NL31.
    Would like to buy you a cup of coffee.
    Thanks again.

  64. FAHMY Says:


    FOR SALE RM 8900 019 6067209

  65. FAHMY Says:


    RM9000 0196067209

  66. FAHMY Says:

    NAT 3838,88, 3333, 8383, 2288, 2828 ,7979 ,79 ,799 ,2299 , WITH REASONABLE AND LOGIC PRICE, THANK FOR COOPERATION N READ. ME 0196067209

  67. irvy Says:

    WAC32 still available.
    call 0122345695

  68. halim Says:

    I Have plate no DR 2500 registered on kancil,and DAW 33 registered on citra.all still avalaible,I also look for DR 66 OR DR 33,anybody has intention to sell pls sms me.019 3327817

  69. Christopher Says:

    Anyone got car no. plate NCR 7 or 8 for sell…pls sms 0193273381

  70. THURU Says:

    how much would it cost to buy the num (1717) and can i buy ( BLE 5517 )

  71. Bryan Says:

    I have AAD 75
    Call me for price 0124153822 bryan

  72. arisa Says:

    AR154????who have???

  73. haris Says:

    looking for plate number, beginning with CN, or N only, hope fully come with nice number, sms if any, 0126746917

  74. haris Says:

    looking any number beginning with AHR 115–

  75. ANIS Says:

    Hi,nice plate number for sale: J747, PEV 6, AGJ4, MBP4, PEV6, WRT111, PKH111, JGX111, LA74, JHA86, DB511.

    Please email to

  76. Rabz Says:

    I have RA811… Anyone have RA82 or RA132? Contact me 0193697890 … Asyraf

  77. edmund Says:

    AF1060 for sale. Any offers?

  78. PL Says:

    interested in buying start with R???, anyone have? call 0163772773.

  79. Zull Says:

    I’m looking for BER11 or BER11xx.pls SMS 019-9507022

  80. Boy Says:

    Saya mau cari number (91)
    Call me my number phone 0138367787

  81. Lee CH Says:

    Looking for TT11, i know it’s currently on a gold-colour Volvo S60 T5.
    if you intend to sell this number, please call 0123885728

    i may consider other registration number with alphabetic “TT”

    thank you

  82. JC Says:

    Hi, I’m looking for DR23 (paying RM8,888) or any nice number beginning with JC….

    Please call 016-2821666 or leave message, thank you.

  83. Redxuan Says:

    Looking for no 84 . Pls sms +65 97440152

  84. Khairi Says:

    Do let me know if anybody wants to sell a plate number starting with TAN

  85. Hj.Mohd.Anim Sukeiman Says:

    Number Plate Owner :

    a.MAS22,or MAS1938 , or MAS2238,or

    For SALE please Contact me & Bid your Asking Price. Thank You.

  86. ANIS Says:

    Slm Hj.Mohd.Anim Sukeiman ,

    DK 11 pls contact saya 019-788 8787

  87. Christopher Says:

    Hj Mohd Anim Sukeiman

    DK 11 : how much are you selling…pls contact me 019-327 3381 Tks!

  88. Numberland Sdn Bhd Says:

    Hi Numberland Sdn Bhd sell Malaysia plate number we handpick them for you and make sure they are all nice number plates for your brand new car or to replace your not-so-nice number plate. ‘W’ ‘RK’ ‘G1M’ and even ‘WWW’ series every day we are updating new numbers and deleting the old ones. There are more than hundreds of choices to pick from just head to our official site at :

    Any enquiry please feel free to drop us a message on our site or drop us a Call (+603-4144 1968 ). Our company established since 1959 from a small Honda Motorcycles dealer (Hup Huat Motors)

  89. mhr Says:

    URGENT !
    no plat “BBT92″
    10k jangan risau boleh nego sampai jadi..
    call or sms 0126283436

  90. low Says:

    I’m looking for any number start with (BEN).. pls contact me on 010-310 8888, 019-251 8855. Urgently, I can give u a very very best offer. (SMS or whatsapp me n I will call u back)

  91. ALI Says:


    Nice plate number AGC 47 for sale – Rm 2.9k. Pls call owner 019-7888787


  92. eeman Says:

    anyone having perak number start with AHM 98 or AHM 566 AHM598 pls call me at 0193991527

  93. eeman Says:

    anyone having number AHM 98 or AHM 598 or AHM 566 call me at 019 3881527

  94. ALI Says:


    Tuan-tuan boleh iklankan no plet utk dijual atau yang dicari kat sini

  95. Low Says:

    I’m looking for any ‘BEN’ nice number.. Must buy

  96. MalaysiaCarPlate Says:

    Hello there, why not purchase a brand new number plate for your new car or

    change your old and not nice plate. Contact us now to purchase your plates

    before it snap out. We have ‘W’ ‘RK’ ‘G1M’ and even ‘WWW’ series plates, more

    than 1,500+ plates available currently. Drop by to our official website:

    If you have any questions, please drop us a message on our website or SMS/call

    us @ +65-9726-3593

    …we provide competent Malaysia number plate exchange and replacing old

    number plate into brand new one. We also assist our clients to purchase over

    existing number plate or bid for their future number plates.

  97. Tan Says:

    I m looking for a tan number plate…any people have sell please contact me ..thx

  98. edy Says:

    i want sell my plate no..who looking plate PGQ28 pls email me back or sms me 0164300036

  99. Gathani Says:

    Anyone interested in JG88 number plate; available for sale.

  100. ALI Says:

    Gathani, pls contact me. I’m interested plate no JG 88. Mu hp no 019-7888787.


  101. tc Says:

    how much for BLE5517?

  102. Mr Ho Says:

    Hi. I’m looking for car plate start with BEN. Any number will do. Pm

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