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My Animated Logo

Haha…Finally, i have produced my personal animated logo which will be used in my
latest blog I used about almost 2 hours to create this simple animation. Within this duration, i spent some part of the time to think out some idea on how to design the logo and for sure there will not have any copyright issues. In the other words, it is fully owned.

Hopefully you may evaluate based on what i have contributed. The rating that you will
give to me must take into consideration in terms of :

1. Design creativity
2. Smoothness of animation
3. Complexity of work
4. Uniqueness (fresh feeling)
5. Level of annoyance
6. How well it match to the theme of my blog?

The rating is start from 0-10:

0 Very Weak (can quit from creating logo forever)
1 – 2 Weak (need work hard & smart)
3 – 4 Pass & Acceptable (Hokkienese means ‘lao jiak’)
5 – 6 Normal & Average (still can have more improvement over its based on current ability)
7 – 8 Good & Creative (Grade A’s work)
9 – 10 Excellent & Perfect (Grade A++ work & Professional)

Can you please post the rating as comment to me? Thanks in advanced & your co-operation will be highly appreciated.

Remember to switch on the sound volume…

December 21st, 2007 Posted in My Design & Artwork | 5,937 views

13 Responses to “My Animated Logo”

  1. Says:

    make this as tutorial, show step by step… sure will bring alot traffic one

  2. kyLL Says:

    hey bro. give your animated logo a 5.

    imo, just too much movement in too many directions. :b

  3. erlynda Says:

    i’ll give it a 7. coz i love the fact u use simplicity as a theme and also coz i like to click n replay it a lot of times. hahaha.

  4. SaeWei Says:

    I’ll give you an 8! But then if you could slow it down a bit, i’ll be better..

  5. weiru Says:

    i’ll give it a 7! Individualist with a personality…

  6. weiru Says:

    i’ll give it a 7. Individualist with a personality…

  7. hanson Says:

    good …nice work..8

  8. yipguseng Says:

    nice πŸ˜‰ got talent lah of course πŸ˜€

  9. Benjamin Chuah Says:

    Me 7.5 ^^V Great work.. simple and nice yet creative. Yea its better if u make this a tutorial..

  10. Benjamin Chuah Says:

    Not a bad logo afterall. 7.5 Simple and nice yet creative.. great work anyway πŸ˜€

  11. kwongfu Says:

    good and nice work..6 for u!!!

  12. Jayce Says:

    7 from πŸ™‚

  13. samo Says:

    simple but i’m think it’s nice,

    it will look cleaner if the “David” didn’t overlap “im” when it fades in.

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