Parking Summon In Malaysia


As far as I know, only a summon with both your plate number and road tax number is considered as a valid summon. If MPPP summon, literally speaking, until you get a warning letter from them, you can ignore. If PDRM summon, literally speaking, you can omit to pay for 2-3 years, until the police show up in front of your door with a warrant of arrest.

Sometimes, it’s not our fault but it’s low responsibility of government. You may found inadequate parking at somewhere. My advice: MPPP should focus on the objective when issuing parking summonses.

There are many cars parking at roadside especially on Friday, you know my meaning, right? But did police/MPPP ever summon those causing inconvenience to other users of that main road? The Law is the law, no two ways about that. If you park in a place that you’re not supposed to then you are wrong.

We have no idea how they enforce the law. The non-parking space that are not blocking other traffic such as housing area, will still receive summons. Also there are many people double park in front of the busy area such as coffee shops due to their convenient, but leaving others stuck in the small traffic jams where 2 cars need to share the only one lane available. Complaint but no action been taken. Police Officer!!! Wake up!!! Do something now!!!

8 thoughts on “Parking Summon In Malaysia”

  1. anyone know where can i pay my summon by pdrm except from online payment?i got captured in kajang and kl area….dun noe where to pay

  2. by referring to your article “parking summon in malaysia”:-

    do respect others religion..the way u wrote your article obviously shows your mentality..plz thinks wisely before u write anything..what are the relevancy of religion with parking summon?did u ever been summoned by police when u parked you car outside the tokong cina during CNY??or did you ever seen the police summoned a car during thaipusam at batu rite..can u see that religion has got nothing to do with the parkng summon..
    can u pliz be a grateful citizen,no matter what religion that u embraced..i believe that your religion has teach its follower to RESPECT other person’s religion..

  3. I agree with “i am a Muslim”. Although PDRM is fuc*ed up in every single way…they do not give summons to those who go to churches on sundays, or like mentioned above, during cny, or thaipussam…so let’s not bring religion into the matter…other than that, i am with u, to condemning PDRM to hell… =)

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