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Prudential PruSaver Plan

Prudential is always able to innovate and offer you relevant products. They will offer you a wide range of life insurance and investment-linked products to meet the customer needs from time to time. And I can see their effort in continuing to enhance existing offerings and explore new ones to suit customer requirements.


My insurance agent recommended me to put money in Prudential PruSaver account instead of bank’s FD since year 2006. For me, it will be more on savings plan. If you prefer to save instead of invest, you can consider this plan. However, I have made wrong decision as I quit this plan during recession time. If not, I will have great amount of units available now. I have reconsidered to continue this plan, which put RM200 as monthly savings.

As I knew, PruSaver is a savings tool that invests your money in PRU fund like PRU manage fund, PRU dana fund, and etc. It’s running like unit trust, therefore, there’s a risk when market crashes but depend which fund you invest. For your information, there will be fees charges by fund manager around 1-2% depends on fund selected. And your agent will be given 2.5% of commission if not mistaken.

PruSaver is solely for PruLink assurance account holder only. It is a savings plan that (you can withdraw at early stage but won’t see great return) requires one to lock-in for at least 10 years and yields a 5-7% p.a. returns if no withdrawals are made. So, these plans are more suitable for those who are more towards a conservative side.

Why PruSaver Is A Good Saving Option?

PRUsaver is a dual-purpose life insurance program specifically for those in need of protection and an attractive investment scheme. Apart from providing protection for you, it also helps you to manage your funds and earn you attractive profits. 95% of PruSaver premium will be used to buy units.

3 Responses to “Prudential PruSaver Plan”

  1. Ong Teik Hong Says:


    Don’t mix investment portfolio with insurance product. Get the minimum insurance on your self and build your cash reserve. Don’t tie yourself to too many investment products i.e. mutual fund , insurance savings plan which has a high lock in period and expensive fees. You want to be very liquid so that u can actually invest your lump savings when u spot a golden opportunity i.e. real estate bubble, stock market crash. Be patient.

  2. Chong Kong Hui Says:

    I am HLA agent.
    To clarify, 5% charges is only for top up premium or premium paid after 6 years.

    For year 1 to year 6, the target premium paid should have a substantial portion goes to distribution cost and administrative expenses.

    Check with your agent how much it is…

  3. chongkonghui Says:

    Invest in Mutual Fund is a hot-debate issue.

    Some make money, yes. But most people don’t.

    Some say not good but lots of people buy (because they don’t understand enough)

    The charges imposed by the Mutual Fund industry is too high and therefore new investment tool evolved. It is called ETF.

    The charges is lower, much lower.

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