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Sign Up CIMB Prime Plan to Get RM50 Bonus Cash

As everybody known, once you’ve applied credit card in Malaysia then you will be charged RM50 government service tax. It’s inevitable. For me, it’s annoying and always need to scratch my head whether it’s worth to sign or not.

cimb prime plan

Recently, i think out some good ideas how to get back your money – RM50. After studying the procedures and gathering some latest information, i found that CIMB have another promotion which is called CIMB Prime Plan. CIMB Prime Plan is actually a current account which comes together with cheque book and ATM card. The best thing is you no need to find introducer and you just walk in to any branch of CIMB Bank and get your account up only.

Based on what i’ve known, if you open current account with CIMB Bank, then you need to pay montly maintenance fee of RM10 if your average balance is below RM5,000 per month. Besides that, a monthly maintenance fee of RM5 will be charged if your average monthly balance in the account falls below RM1,000. So, under this CIMB Prime Plan, all monthly maintenance fees will be waived.

How to Open CIMB Current Account?

To open your current account under CIMB Prime Plan, you only need to deposit a minimum of RM1,000 and show prove of your identification as well. That’s it!

How to Waive Your Credit Card Government Tax?

cimb prime plan

Simple! After you sign up for CIMB Prime Plan you will receive welcome bonus cash of RM50.00 to be credited into your prime plan account on the next month statement. Indirectly, you can use this bonus cash RM50 to pay for your RM50 government tax.

However, you still need to pay RM8 for getting your CIMB Prime account ATM card or RM7.50 for your cheque book. Currently, i just have the ATM card as I’m not in a hurry to use the cheque book facility yet. In addition, with this CIMB Prime account, you also can enjoy the priority services and bonus points programme.

2 Responses to “Sign Up CIMB Prime Plan to Get RM50 Bonus Cash”

  1. win my wife back Says:

    I was feeling anxious that Iwould never find the right information – till I found this site. Numerous thanks for gathering this page together and posting this fantastic information! I am definitely coming back for much more – don’t believe I can get enough now.

  2. KS Leong Says:

    Hi, recently i just apply Prime plan. They did give me CIMB Prime account ATM card & cheque book. And my account also been deduct RM8 for ATM card & RM7.50 for cheque book. After read your post, Is it have anyway to return back the cheque book & refund the money? Since I not use on it at all.

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