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My New Year Resolutions for 2019 [ January 2nd, 2019 ] Posted in » imDavidLee Life, News & Announcement

The end of the year is a time of reflection and being grateful for what you have. It’s time to think about how you can be better. Be the change if you want to make you stronger.

1. Cut Down on Seminar Time. Earn More.

I do feel like my life is ruled a little too much by attending seminars and workshops. Committing to a few seminar-free hours each day might be exactly what I need to break my addiction. Cut down on seminar to make more time for earning extra income instead of wasting most valuable time doing low value work.

Earn More: Even billionaires are often looking for ways to earn more income, and we common folk can definitely use an additional income stream to make our life a bit more comfortable.

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Withdraw PayPal Funds To Malaysia Bank Account

I usually leave my PayPal funds until I need a little bit of extra cash then only cash out, it is not good to practice like that. Now, as a Malaysian, we are not just only can withdraw the Paypal fund into credit card/debit card but also can withdraw into local bank account directly.

Those Internet savvy now can withdraw their PayPal fund to Malaysia Bank Accounts through bank swift code. Based on the information that I’ve obtained from Paypal official site, I only know that the transaction will take up to 2-3 days, and a fee of RM3 will be charged if your withdrawal is below RM400. If your withdrawal is above RM 400, you will be waived from the fees.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to withdraw funds to your Malaysia bank account:

Step 1: Login your PayPal account.
Step 2: Click “My Account” then “Withdraw”.
Step 3: Then, click “Withdraw to your bank account” link under the options.

Step 4: Next, enter the amount in USD you want to withdraw and select your bank account. If you still not yet add the bank account, then proceed to step 5 else go to step 7.
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February 28th, 2010 | 6 Comments | 9,432 views

Step By Step Process To Create Paypal Account


As everybody known, Paypal is the most safest online payment method since it will not expose your credit card numbers and you just need to provide online merchant with your email address that you created to pay for your transaction or transfer your Paypal fund. There is no fee to join or open a Paypal account.

If you make money online, then you must have a PayPal account. Many corporate make use of its as it is a quick way to send and receive payments online. And, Paypal customers may transfer money to their regular bank account without any Paypal fees.

For your additional information, Paypal is a subsidiary of eBay, which is the one of largest companies on the Internet.

Types of Paypal Account

Basically, there are 3 types of different accounts you can sign up with Paypal:

Personal Paypal Account – this is for individual who use the Paypal account to purchase things online. You can receive money from Paypal instant transfer. There are no fees to receive money, and you will be charged only US$ 5 per withdrawal.

Premier/Business Paypal Account – If you are doing bigger transaction like selling goods online daily. Then it is advisable to create premier/ business account to lift up your monthly receiving limit. However, you need to pay some fees for receiving Paypal fund.

Easy Steps To Create Paypal Account

To create your Paypal account:

i) Sign up for an account by visiting the PayPal website and clicking the “Sign Up” link located at the left side of the page.
ii) Choose your country or region
iii) Choose your language
iv) Pick the Paypal Account type of your choice

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