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Malaysia Car Price Reasonable or Not?

For those who bought foreign car like Nissan Sentra, Toyota Vios, Honda City, Toyota Altis, Honda Civic etc, they would pay higher car prices due to our high import duties on foreign cars. Besides that, they would also pay for higher petrol price sooner (Start from 1st May 2010). Do you think this is ridiculous?


Another situation: Let say the car price increased due to the raw materials cost increased, or it costs more to ship the parts to Malaysia for assembling but it still maintains the car price, means there will have lower quality control. Do you feel satisfy with that? I feel that most of the car company will make use of this tactic, just end user do not know!

Buying cars is probably the heaviest expense for middle class people over the long term. Most families will buy a house only once but a car may be changed every 8-10 years. This will end up buying at least 2 cars.

Unfortunately, our government has become addicted to impose high taxes on foreign cars and so lifting protection for Proton. Sadly, I don’t see any political can try to start this process to bring our car prices down to world market level. Malaysians will continue to pay unreasonably prices for cars in the future.

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