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The Only T-Shirt Design

Besides posting about financial topic, sometimes imDavidLee will do some creative design that will be shared across worldwide people.

When talking about design, for sure many people will be more sensitive on copyright issues. I just want to make myself clear to u all that all design that is created is under imDavidLee’s trademark. Here, i want to share my created T-shirt design that will be produced within this 2 weeks.

Hopefully my 2nd dream can be achieved before Chinese New Year since i did not buy any shirt yet…

At 1st, u may have a look on its and if have any comments on my T-shirt design then u are welcomed and encouraged to post on my blog…

The Only T-Shirt Design (Front)
The Only T-Shirt Design (Front)

The Only T-Shirt Design (Rear)
The Only T-Shirt Design (Rear)

January 15th, 2008 Posted in My Design & Artwork | 7,355 views

12 Responses to “The Only T-Shirt Design”

  1. Bryan Says:

    hey, post up ur t-shirt design. thanks!

  2. Paul Says:

    Very nice looking designs. Best of luck

  3. iCalvyn Says:

    simple and clear

  4. hooray Says:

    nice and good looking…

  5. weiru Says:

    Neat, simple & well-designed..

  6. vennis Says:

    simple n very nice

  7. JJ Says:

    i want one can ar?
    but my site one,

  8. vickie Says:

    erm.. good looking… if you produce 1 t-shirt, probably cost you much more expensive

  9. Danny Foo Says:

    Only you will wear them…

  10. tokiman Says:

    good work..carry on!!!

  11. mankind Says:

    hohoho..u r the best designer..

  12. good boy Says:

    What prog./software did you use to design T-Shirt?

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