Why Choose Jobstreet ?


If asked where to look for jobs, someone will surely say “JobStreet“. With its large network covering 9 countries like Malaysia, India, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Japan, Hong Kong, there‚Äôs no doubt that JobStreet has always been one of the ideal choices among job seekers and employers.


For me, it has higher accuracy match job. As a jobseeker the site speed is quite fast and they had dominating the market for years. But, the drawback is there got quite little request for interviews each month.

For JobsandMore, the job opportunities listing is still considered relatively little. Well, perhaps it is still new in the industry, probably it takes some time to be known.

JobStreet Vs JobsAndMore

In terms of physical layout, JobsAndMore doesn’t offer better sense because it cannot show own identity as jobs posting site. The job search mechanism seems not being focused and highlighted.

Furthermore, it doesn’t provide the facility of alert email subscription.

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