6 thoughts on “Withdraw PayPal Funds To Malaysia Bank Account”

  1. Hi David, do you have like a chinese name. I see that you input David Lee only. What if your name is David Lee Ah Beng in your IC and malaysia bank account. If you input David Lee only will it still pass or how else do you put your remaining name Ah Beng. Do you put Ah Beng in the First Name like David Ah Beng. Any help. Thanks

  2. Bank account number is more important than the name. Of course, it is always advisable to put ALL the name as per NRIC into the system. Don’t try luck, else money stuck will stuck somewhere…

    Run online business and sell things/service online and you will have USD in your PayPal.

  3. Ok. I have an english and chinese name (offcial in IC).

    E.g.: Michelle Tan Soo Mei.

    I registered with paypal using my last name, first name: Tan, Michelle.

    But in paypal, for my bank account (citibank malaysia) you can only input your first name, last name is fixed. So, I input Michelle Soo Mei.

    Withdrawal worked. Be patient for the money to show up in your bank account. Paypal will give u an estimate as to when it will appear, it is usually correct.

    But I kinda hate paypal for making me go through the limitation issue. I don’t have a scanner, troublesome. Those idiots. and they took soooo long!

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