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working in uk

I hope that through this platform, I can know some feedback about this topic. Do you think working in Malaysia is better than working overseas for long term?

Malaysia is still a developing country so there still will be a lot of opportunity. UK, which is, developed country, which means that you have to be the one that is outstanding then you will only get your higher chance to get a better career.

Factors To Consider Before Working Overseas

Sometimes, depending what kind of work and the most important of all what is the money that you are earning. For example, if you are working on something that will not bring healthy idea to help in developing our country, then please do not work in oversea. This is because you did not pose any good attribute and quality in yourself.

Someone asked me, as a fresh graduate from local university without any working experience, is it good to work in UK?

Speaking from UK point of view, it’s not easy for you to get a job. Unless you have something very attractive to offer, for example, you owned an engineering model for a particular field and earned yourself credits for it, it will be quite a challenge to secure a job via a local degree.

My suggestion is to work in a MNC such as Intel, Dell, Motorola or others, earn some experience and it will be easier. Singapore would be an ideal place to start.

If You Are a High Quality Employee, Why Not Consider Working in Oversea?

working overseas

In my opinion, Malaysia will forever be a developing country. It will never reach the level of Singapore, Hong Kong, UK etc.

Like what other people said, if you believe you are outstanding, then of course you should work oversea where it’s possible to make more money and business. As for me, I love to enjoy the challenge and competition, and at the end of the day, you will get more job satisfaction, self-achievement and get handsomely rewarded.

In addition, I still believe Malaysia paid less compare to other countries; other country people salary will be times whatever the currency.

Finally saying…

My aiming is to earn big money and that is enough for my family living above average or towards the luxury lifestyle.

I’ve planned to work out of Malaysia because very frustrated of the way the management runs in most of the company. But, now this probably could be delayed until I have good customer base in my country first. Reason: I want to earn both side incomes.

How about you? I just want to hear some people thoughts, or people who have worked overseas before, please share your experiences. Thanks.

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  1. I have never worked overseas so I can’t comment much. But as far as human characters’ concerned, you can almost find the same kind somewhere else. Just a change of venue that’s all.

    I am thankful to be working in M’sia.

  2. You should go out and take some calculated risk since you are still young. As you get older, it more difficult for you to go oversea to work.

  3. Well people always say the grass is greener on the other side. So better weigh your options carefully before taking the plunge.

  4. Just make a comparison how much can u save per month after minus all the expenses. If can save at least rm5k/month… why not? Better than enslave ur whole life in Msia, and still struggling to payoff house & car mortgage… Better work hard for few years and come back and live comfortable with less financial worries.

  5. I work oversea, so I can provide a few insights.

    If you only consider money, working oversea will definitely make more money at the end of the day. Even though some countries have higher tax rate, but the buying power is greater too.

  6. No doubt working from oversea the pay is always higher (except those countries which have a lower currency rate) than working in Malaysia, if you compare directly by figure not by the currency. Actually Malaysia living cost are higher.

    Why? For example, malaysian worker average salary is around RM2500 (Just average by those educated)
    but if you want to buy a laptop, you need to spend RM2000 ++ to get one.

    But if you are Singaporean, your earn SGD2,500 a month, and basically you only spend SGD1,000 plus to get one new laptop.

    Here we don’t talk about car, houses, petrol etc. As if you are Singaporean, you can choose not to buy a car, because the public transport there is too convenient that you don’t even need a car!

    So, conclusion is, if want to survive and have a luxury living lifestyle in Malaysia, RM2,500 per month is definitely not enough, RM5,000 per month sounds reasonable

  7. Rm5k per month is definitely not enough to have a luxury lifestyle in Malaysia.

    Since their car price is too high.
    House price is high as well in KL and PG island.

  8. Just share with you my experience working overseas.
    I return to Malaysia last year after working in Canada for 2 years as a fresh grad level.
    My salary was CAD$3600 (1 CAD to MYR = 3.2) compare to what I’m earning now in Malaysia is RM3000.
    My rental for 1 studio apartment is $900 per month which is very expensive for Canadian standards.
    But yet I still manage to save about $1000-1200 per month.
    So although the living cost is high, you still save alot because of the high purchasing power.
    The benefit of my work experience from overseas actually help increase my value in my company and in the market. I doubt very few companies here willing to pay RM3000 for a fresh grad.

  9. Working overseas, can be rewarding especially when one’s is young. However, only special skilled and experience ones are being sought out by foreign company in foreign country. For those who graduate and who had return to M’sia, and wish to find work in foreign country, it will be quite challenging. However, another way, is to pursue, Master or PhD in foreign country, and this will add more likely chances to get employmentin the foreign gound.

  10. I need comments from people..i am now curently working in msia as a customer service..

    I now have two options..
    a) First,i gt an offer from a company sell medical equipment..basic 2.2k..i cant save much from this salary. But this jobs seems to have brighter future

    b) My friend ask me go to Singapore to work as there definitely save more than msia..

    I dono which to choose..My long term plan is to have own business..

    If i accept the offer as sales, i think can have own business future.But in money terms sure cant save much.

    If i go Singapore, i can have more money but dono can do own business onot in i know sales in Spore they prefer local grads.

    In other way, no money how open own company??

    Please help..which to choose?money or ambition?

  11. I think the title should be changed to Working oversea vs working in Msia.

    You are really an ambitious gal. If you have friend working in the medical equipment company, check out the average incentives they earn. If high, better stay on with that job and learn all the ropes, you can open your own medical equipment company if u r smart, that’s what some of the smart rep did.

    So if you work as a customer service line in Spore, you earn more but how much more? Life there isn’t all that great with those snobs and complainer. But if u have a good job that can offer you future and growth, why not. I have a fren, local grad been working there for years, no doubt she’s earning more than in Msia, but kind of stagnant and not progressing in terms of career, same goes for another guy, finally he came back in Msia. Basically if you are skilled worker, you should be fine. I think working oversea is only worth it if can save min rm5k/month.

    You are young, try exploring beyond Singapore. If you know what business you would like to venture in future, it would make your decision much easier. Then, you can focus on money or job experience. Knowing what you want is the most important, you’ll reach your goal one day. So, good luck.

  12. I’m a S’porean and recive a job interview with a local financial service company. Would like any comments and advices on working in KL. Thanks.

  13. My take is if you’re a fresh local grad from M’sia then don’t bother going overseas so soon. Why? Because your education standards are substantially lower than the locals in developed countries. Thus you may not get a better position over the locals and face competition at a level you’re not used to in M’sia.

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